Anybody else remember that famous Tiger Woods commercial. I’m Tiger Woods?. For all you youngsters that don’t, let me recap. Back in 1996 there was a young golfer bursting onto the scene by the name of Tiger Woods having had a very successful junior college and amateur career woods decided to turn professional at the age of 20. By this point Nike had already cast a very keen eye over the young star and signed him up to a reported $40 million 5 year contract. Now for Tigers first commercial! the guys at Nike decided to cast kids, all from different backgrounds, playing golf with them each saying I’m Tiger Woods.

Now fast forward 20 something years and I don’t think we are going to hear to many kids claiming to be Tiger Woods now do we.

Don’t get me wrong I was brought up on Tiger Woods golf lets call it. All through my 20s and early 30s Tiger dominated the world of golf and I loved it simply because he did it with a certain style which to me was just COOL, and although I’m still a golf lover when the golf majors come around, for me there just not the same without Tiger Woods. So as you mite expect for the best part of 6 or 7 years I’ve been praying (well hoping) that Tiger can just get his act together put all the off course problems behind him and just concentrate on getting his golf game back because anyone who plays golf will no golf isn’t just about skill a lot of golf is all about mental focus.

I think you could probably guess my reaction when I turned on the news to see this. Just where does it go wrong for so many of these multi million pound earning stars, is this the classic saying “money doesn’t buy you happiness”? is it the pressures of been in the public eye? only they will ever no. Watching this video just brought nothing but sadness after once been on top off the world to now not even knowing where he was. But one thing is for sure golf just isn’t the same without Tiger Woods and whether he ever makes a come back will remain to be seen but I for one sure hope he does.